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This article is a very handy step-by-step guide to help you learn how to launch your own Print on Demand Phone Case Online store. WC Fulfillment founder Nate Andreshak created this tutorial based on what he learned from his own e-commerce success story. In this post, you’ll find dozens of great tips that will allow you to focus on making sales as quickly as possible. Who knows, this guide could mark an exciting turning point in your life as you embark on a journey as an e-commerce entrepreneur. Let’s get started.

Why Wallet Cases?

Smartphones are a vital part of most people’s daily lives. There are currently more than 2 billion smartphone users worldwide, and that number is growing exponentially.

Why Wallet Cases?  Let me explain, and hopefully, by the end of this article, you will see the potential that wallet cases provide.

I started drop shipping on Shopify with Aliexpress products like most, long before the masses every knew it was a thing. 3+ years ago, I started using Facebook ads to promote unique and trendy products I found. It worked, I was having success but it wasn’t until I saw a cool skull design on a wallet case that I decided to test it with Facebook ads.

The results were clear. This skull wallet case was my biggest winner to date and brought in over 200k in sales in a short 2-3 month period. With this massive success, I began finding more and more wallet cases with cool designs and continued to have successes, 1 after another.

Fast forward today, I now have a Print on Demand Shopify app that lets ANY Shopify store owner the ability to drop ship custom designed wallet phone cases.


The Previous Problem…

If you ever tried to sell NORMAL plastic phone cases you will run into some problems. The Demand is just not there. The perceived value of a plastic phone case is $2-3 no matter what design you put on it. What’s worse is most POD providers charge $10-15 Wholesale Seller price just to print and ship the phone case for you. Making it nearly impossible for you to have success selling plastic phone cases.

There are just no margins. You can’t sell the case at $30-40 because customers only have perceived value of a few dollars, but in order to make any money, you need to sell at that price. POD plastic phone cases just do not work and are not popular pod products. UNTIL now, with the introduction of the wallet phone case.

Why Wallet Cases are a Excellent POD Product!

Remember all those problems I mentioned above? High Cost of goods sold, low perceived value, low customer demand? Well, it just so happens that Wallet Cases are the complete opposite of normal phone cases.

Wallet Cases have MASSIVE perceived value. Just take a look at, which currently has plain wallet cases without designs for sale between $50-$60. has wallet cases which CAN have custom designs, but they are charging $55., another custom design print on demand website also has wallet cases, at a much more reasonable price of $35. Customers who are in the market for a wallet phone case, are used to paying MORE then $30 dollars for a wallet case. Can you say that about t-shirts?

So we know the perceived value is high, but what about the demand? Do customers want custom designed wallet cases? Well, I don’t think I need to defend this statement, they freaking LOVE them. And since a normal consumer gets a new phone every year, they are always buying new phone cases.

Typical consumers will buy 3-5 new phone cases per year. If they had the choice between a cheap plastic phone case and a wallet case for the same $30 price, they will take the wallet phone case EVERY TIME. Let that sit in for a second….

Who is this business right for?

You’re convinced, you want to sell wallet cases too, well, let me first describe who this business is FOR and also who this business is NOT FOR.

If you love to make things, have a passion for technology, and want to earn extra income while working from home, then drop-shipping print on demand products like wallet phone cases is a great way to start an online business.

If you’re afraid of hard work, give up to easy, complain the minute you run into a roadblock. Then I’m sorry the POD wallet case business is not for you.

It takes hard work to start any new business. But with an online e-commerce business, there is even more work because you have to learn all the technology, website management, development, graphic design, Facebook ads, email marketing and so on.

But don’t let that discourage you. You only need to understand the concepts. If you don’t want to do the work yourself, you can still hire people to do the work, but you will need an understanding of what is needed and when.

What are the costs involved in opening a custom Wallet Case business?

When starting any business you need to be aware of the costs involved. It is not always instant profit right away. There are many costs involved. Here are just a few that you will encounter when running your Print on Demand Business.

Graphic Design Costs, Email Marketing Software, Website Cost, Transaction Fees, Staff & Assistants, Advertising Costs, Refunds and Chargebacks, plus more.

How much profit can a custom Wallet Case business make?

The upside to running a custom product business like POD WALLET CASES is huge. You can create a brand, have unique products and stand out from all of them because your designs are completely unique to you.

This is NOT a GUARANTEE You will Make any Income.

What about conversion rate? Do people like wallet cases?

Like I mentioned above, customers LOVE wallet cases, especially if you have a killer design. 8-12% conversion rates are unheard of in the e-commerce world, but with wallet cases, they are definitely achievable.

What is average price people are willing to pay for a wallet case?

This little graph shows what consumers used to pay for wallet cases. As you can see they used to pay $30+ dollars. That means the perceived value is 10x that of normal phone cases. This makes selling a wallet phone case 100x easier when you have a competitive price.

The good thing about OUR Wallet Cases is the selling price. ie. the price you pay for printing and shipping your custom design is incredibly competitive. We have a seller price of just $7.99 and a suggested retail price of $25-39. This means your profit margins are $20-30. So you have plenty of margin for running paid advertising to your custom designs.

How to promote & market a custom Wallet case ?


If you already have a store, great! Download our FREE Shopify APP  and start publishing custom wallet case designs on our store and you will instantly see your existing traffic start to buy the wallet cases you have published.

If you want to push traffic directly to promote a wallet case design, there are a few websites we recommend you use.

Obviously, our favorite is FB ads. Which make it incredibly easy to start selling custom products like POD wallet cases profitably. Other websites to generate sales is Google Adwords, Google shopping, Youtube ads, Instagram ads, Pinterest ads, Amazon FBA, eBay, the list goes on.

Any website that has phone cases for sale can also have wallet phone cases for sale as well.

Which Devices to Focus On?

I see this problem OVER and OVER when it comes to selling normal phone cases with paid ads. People target by a device in hopes to have higher conversion rates. The problem with this is you cut your potential audience from 1 million down to 100k.

And this is another problem with selling normal phone cases not mentioned above, sellers have to niche down by a device because normal POD providers do not have or support all the phones on the market. It is really hard, if not impossible, to have cases for every phone.

Well WE SOLVED THAT PROBLEM. Our wallet phone cases support 95% of the current smartphone market and support more than 50+ phone models. So if you ask what devices to focus on, then you are asking to the wrong question. If you are selling our wallet phone case you do not have to target by a device at all. There will be a slim chance your customer has a phone that does not fit our cases.

In the case of a new phone model coming out? We add the most popular phone models the week they come out, and we will always have the top 50+ most popular phones supported at all times.

How to Get the Wallet Phone Cases Made?

Do you really think we are going to promote another brand or competitor? HAHA no, only because we are the best, we have the best service, the best product and the best platform with seller resources to help you make a ton of sales.

Get started and start drop shipping customer Print on Demand Wallet Phone Cases by downloading our FREE SHOPIFY APP.

What do custom wallet cases cost to make?

Here is just a quick comparison between us and some of our competitors in the POD space.

Where to get Designs for the custom wallet phone cases?

So you’re ready to sell, but you do not have any designs, or not sure what to put on your custom wallet phone case. Do not worry. There are many ways to come up with design ideas, and many easy and cheap ways to get designs made.

Hire a Designer

Make Your Own


Spy on Competitors

Stock Photos

If you need more help with designs, how to research ideas, where to get designs made, how to hire a designer, then I recommend you check out my other article. “How to quickly come up with design ideas for POD Products

Want More Training?

Step-By-Step Training Course

How to Start Selling Wallet Cases?

 The only thing we have left to teach you is how you can get started with your wallet case business. All you need to do is install our Shopify app and upload your design. It really is as simple as that.

About the Author

Nate Andreshak is an E-commerce Entrepreneur with 10+ years of experience in running and managing online stores. He now helps aspiring e-commerce business owners get started having their own success.


“Nate has put a lot of hard work into building one of the best POD fulfillment apps for Shopify. His products are unique and his customer service is hands down the best.” Chad Johnson

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