Email Scripts

How to Solve Customer Support Questions

Impatient Customer Scripts

These Emails are a great way to “Stall Customers” who are impatient. Most times they just want to know that you care and that everything is ok with their order.

Tracking # Scripts

Whenever a customer is asking about tracking # for their order, You want to come here and use these pre written emails. This will help you respond correctly to customers.

Handling Order Modifications

We have strict 24hr rule for order modifications. Thats why it is important that you answer and take care of your customers with excellent Customer Support. You want to follow this guidelines and emails for when you need to edit or change an order.

Handling Product Flaws and Damaged Items

We stand behind our products 100%, if anything is wrong with our products we will take care of your customers and get a new product sent to them asap.

Handling Wrong Design Received

It happens, We do our best, but sometimes your customer will get a different design than what they order. This is how you handle the situation. Heres a hint. If it is our mistake we will resend free.

Handling Wrong SIZE Received

With Phone cases, this is tricky, because there is 3 scenario’s that occur. Sometimes a customer thinks they got the wrong size, when in fact they placed the wrong order to begin with. Here is all the details on how to handle these 3 situations.

Handling Lost Packages

If tracking shows delivered, but your customer never received the item there is a good chance it was delivered to their neighbors. We made these scripts to help you handle customers who claim to never received their orders.

Handling Missing Items

Sometimes a item is missing from a customers order when it is delivered. If this is our mistake will correct it asap. Follow these guidelines on how to handle customers.

Customer Says No Camera Hole

This is the biggest support ticket, when customers do NOT understand or watch the instruction video for our wallet case. It just takes a little explaining and then they “get it”. This email will help you answer the most common email from customers.

Other General Inquiries

Every other question and the kitchen sink. Lol Check out these most frequently asked questions, so you know how to answer your customers.

Post Sale Email Sequence (ie. Setting Expectations)

We HIGHLY encourage you to setup these emails in your autoresponder, (we recommend “Klaviyo“after a customer places an order. This is give your customers the feeling their order is on track and keep them happy until they receive the product.

When to Contact Us

After you have followed one of the above scenarios, you may still need to contact us to take care of a customer. Please have the follow information.

Make Sure You Have Already Received Your Customers Pictures

  • Store Name
  • Order #
  • Customer Email
  • Customer FIRST NAME
  • Customer LAST NAME
  • Pictures Proving of Product Error, Flaw, Mistake, Size Issue, Design Issue
  • Description of Problem