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TLDW.... No time to Watch Videos? Here is the quick Version

  1. Publish a WC Product & Check the Personalization Box.
  2. Use Photo Upload App & “Turn on” Upload Feature for the Product.
  3. Make a ton of Sales!
  4. Edit the customers photo  *see video for secret sauce 😉
  5. Upload Personalized Print file Back into the WC App & send it to production.

Done-For-You Templates

Click "View All Templates" on the Product of Your Choice

Add to Your Product Description

This _____ can be Personalized with a picture or text of your choice!.



1) Upload a Photo in either .jpg or .png

2) Our team turns your Photo into an Awesome One of a Kind Product!

3) Your Product  is Custom Printed and Shipped Directly to You to enjoy.

*Colors and position of faces on the final product may differ a little


Important notes:

Picture/Cropping – Do not worry if your picture is sideways or not perfect. Our designers will receive your full photo and will make it look the best it can.

Lead Time – Our designers will custom make your design and our production team will make your product by hand. This takes about 3-5 days. Shipping then takes 2-3 weeks to the United States.

Picture Quality – Some things to look for on your photo before submitting are low quality images, blurry, and distance from camera. The photo shouldn’t be too close or too far away, for optimal results.


Ships worldwide. MADE TO ORDER. Please allow 2 – 4 weeks for delivery.

Facebook Ad Copy

Turn Your _______  Photos into a PRODUCT ! Hurry! While Supplies Last…


What if there is No photo attached to the order?

If you do not see the photo or text in your shopify orders page, please double check to make sure you have everything setup correctly. In the mean time, email your customer to have them send you the photo again.

What if the Customers Photo is blurry?

If customer sends you a bad photo, just reach out to your customer and have them send you a better photo.

Can i request a template idea?

Yes you can, message live chat and we will take your consideration.

Do I Need to Remove Paypal from My Store?

No!, You just need to remove the “Express” button from the cart page. Actually, you dont even need to remove it, but you will need to email the customer and request their custom photo and text, because it will not be attached to the order.

Will WC handle this for me?

No, you need to edit your customers photos, and upload into the app. We then will put your order into production

I was billed but i never uploaded customer photo yet

No worries, if you dont upload print file for an order that was already billed, we auto refund after 30 days.

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