Step-by-step Guide

Step #1: Get Your Free Shopify Trial


Need an Online Store? Get a 14 day free trial to shopify. Your store is the central hub to your business. It is how you will build your brand, everything revolves around having an online store.

Step #2: Get Your High Converting Theme

Step #3: Setup Store & Apps & Products for Massive Sales


Brand, Design, layout your store exactly how you want it to look. Then install all your apps, including our WC Fulfillment App . Follow our Setup Checklist to make sure you do not forget anything.

Awesome Setup Checklist:    Complete A-Z Setup New Store Checklist

Step#4: Setup FB Accounts & ADs


Setup your FB Business Manager, Setup your Ad Account and Fanpage. Setup your first FB Ad and promote your products. View our FB Crash Course for help.

Step#5: Profit, Scale & Repeat!


Keep Testing new Designs, Launching Ads, Scaling Winners, and repeat process until you have an empire. View the Fb Crash Course to learn how Scale.

Next Steps: Take our FREE In Depth FB Course & use our CS Scripts

Follow our Customer Support Scripts and Handle Your Customers by following a Proven Process.